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Drawing and Painting

“Sifting through memories and old family photos, my recent work looks at the unique experience of childhood and family, exploring ideas of connection and relationship centered around mother and child. The delicate needlework on soft fabric alludes to womanhood and emphasizes the simplistic figures, giving tangibility to the deep emotional and intimate bonds created between maternal parent and child.”

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Anmol Chokkar is a Brampton-based artist who has completed her BFA undergraduate studies in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University. She works mainly with oil and acrylic paint, but over the years has expanded into using textiles and fabric due to her interests in sewing taught to her by her grandmother. Her works mainly center around themes of identity, feminism, and exploration of the self. Her most recent project is focused on the nature of family and relationships, taking a closer look at just what exactly those relationships mean to us and how they present themselves on both a personal and societal level. You can follow her on Instagram @anmolc_art or contact her at anmolchokkarart@gmail.com.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2021

Drawing and Painting Sewing and Embroidery Textiles

2021, GradEx 106 Virtual Gallery
2019, Reuse/Refuse
Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto
2018, The Gathering
Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto
2020, Takao Tanabe Scholarship
OCAD University