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aka. Rhi, Photography

“A photographer working between analogue and digital realms to create work that touches on more than aesthetics. Aware of the rules and happy to break them when the context demands. Creativity changes the world and our experiences shape it. Using imagery I collaborate with my subjects, interested in an equal exchange that validates everything in front the lens.”

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Raised in the little island of Barbados, I moved to Toronto to explore the world and for my studies. Always the eager traveler I lived in Paris and Portugal, absorbing the culture as that has always been my inspiration. Through learning outside of my home base I was inspired to pursue photography in with a non-linear path I always veered back to creating. Currently based in Canada I lean towards stories of home, belonging and resilience. The Caribbean culture sits within me and I bring that colour into my projects, balancing it with a metropolitan awareness after several years in city life. I have worked with studios, small brands and with intimate personal narratives to work with the light to do justice to peoples stories. A never ending venture.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2021
University of Toronto
Integrated New Media
Major Transferred

Editorial photography Content Marketing Creative Writing Archival Research Visual design

2020, Mahogany Culture Exposition
Online Virtual Gallery
2017, The Dabke Collective
Riverdale Hub Gallery