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Yuki Nakayama is a 2D digital animator who has a conception of expressing the cultural differences and features, and her feelings of nostalgia towards her homeland: Japan, due to her recurring transfer around the world from her childhood. She has accomplished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majored in Integrated Media Digital Painting and Expanded Animation. Yuki intensifies her interest in motion graphics, focuses on her fluidity in each of her transitioning scenes. She is further skilled in her stable and consistent drawings, tracking each precise detail of movements, and is passionate about challenging in containing Live2D and 3D aspects inside her animation. She is continuously exploring and developing her animation skills to show her aesthetics to the audience, as her artwork got exhibited at the Potluck Screening in 2019.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Minor Completed, 2020

Adobe Suite: After Effects Adobe Suite: Photoshop Adobe Suite: Illustrator Python Autodesk Maya

2021, OCAD U GradEx 105: Public Activations/Projections
OCAD U Campus, Toronto, Ontario
2021, OCAD U GradEx 105: ePortfolio Online Exhibition
ePortfolio: GradEx 105
2021, OCAD U GradEx 105: OCAD U LiVE
2019, INTM and DPXA Student Potluck Screening
Handlebar, Toronto, Ontario