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“´Auditory Remedies´ is a series of community health pieces advertising music therapy as a tested option for treating individual’s physical and psychological symptoms.”

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Hi, I’m Nancy, a mix-media illustrator and designer from Toronto who has a passion for making images that communicate music and sound visually.My work covers a wide range of digital and analogue applications, where that mostly draw on my deep connection with music and my drive to find new ways to manipulate familiar materials in the most efficient way possible. As a musician and a teacher, I am able to bring another dimension to my process and really get to the core essence behind music illustration, whether for album covers and band merchandise, or interpretive paintings and figures of performers.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2020

Music Illustration Portrait & Figure artwork Mixed-media illustraion Mural Painting Concept Art

2020, OCAD U GradEx105 - Illustration