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“I'm interested in the power of documenting different environments while acknowledging the past and the future of the places I interact with.”

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Renée LoGo is a Mexican artist of Mayan and Zapotec heritage. Raised in Mexico City, she developed interests in the diversity and relationships we have with the land. In 2017, she moved to Toronto in pursuit of her photography studies. Since then, she has worked with the ideas and stories of immigration, with the purpose of dismantling the complexities and stereotypes that come with moving to a different country. Renée started her formal photography studies at The Active School Of Photography in Mexico City and The Colombia College Chicago. She was a student of Design and Visual Communication at The National Autonomous University of Mexico.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major In progress, 2021
National Autonomous University Of Mexico
Design and Visual Communication
Major Suspended, 2017

photography Mixed Media Editorial Photography Mural painting Visual Design Editing and Retouching

2019, One Who Protects A Sibling
Black Artists' Network Dialogue (BAND) Art Gallery and Cultural Center, Toronto ON.
2018, Decorative Digital Art
INdigital Space: ImagiNATIVE Film Festival + Media Arts, TIFF Gallery, Toronto Ontario.