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aka. Netty, Drawing & Painting

“...works conjured into material existence...created in isolation surrounded by my children and my plants, becoming increasingly aware of our connected physical and mental health...”

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Born in Tkaronto/Toronto in 1984, Jeneatte Amarelo is an emerging artist currently living and working in Nistawayaw/Fort McMurray. She is of white-settler descent and identifies as Portuguese-Canadian. Amarelo owns and operates Studio o Estudio, a nomadic therapeutic arts and wellness space. In 2021 Jeneatte earned her BFA in Drawing & Painting from OCAD University. Prior to this she attended the Graphic Design program at Niagara College. Her work and her visual vocabulary are influenced by her experiences living in a variety of urban and rural communities across Canada. Jeneatte has plans to start graduate studies in the Fall of 2021; in the meantime she is also kept busy in the role of "mom" to her four children.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2021
Niagara College
Graphic Design
Major Transferred, 2005

Drawing Painting Collage Mixed Media Nature-Based Art

2021, Bodies In Fleeting Reality
Online Forum - OCAD University
2021, GradEx 106
Online Forum - OCAD University