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“Intertwined creatures possessing human, animal and botanical characteristics populate the fictional landscapes I create, identifying a world that is not yet lost, but needs a resolution. I want to encourage a response to the interconnectivity that exists between the disparate elements found within the painting. I ask the viewer to engage with the piece, interrogating the parts that when unified resolve the whole. Humanity has become disconnected from the rest of the living world and as a result we are destroying it. We as a species treat the land as a commodity, extracting from it what we want without any regard for the annihilating effects our actions inflict upon it. Species of animals and plants have been unable to survive in the world we have transformed for our benefit, lakes and oceans are dying, all of which identify our future as precarious. We are in need of a more holistic approach.

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Sarah Arsenault has been pursuing art for two decades while raising a family and managing a career in finance. Beginning with murals in children's bedrooms Sarah went on to complete a three year program in Classical Animation. Realizing that the fine art components of life drawing and painting held more appeal than animating, Sarah went on to pursue her BFA at OCAD University, completing the program in 2019. Accepted into both Parsons and UAL for their MFA programs, Sarah has decided she will attend UAL in London in September, returning to her place of birth.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2019
2018, Frances Lea Ziegler Memorial Fund Scholarship
OCAD University
2017, Frances Lea Ziegler Memorial Fund Scholarship
OCAD University
2016, Sully Corth Memorial Fund Scholarship
OCAD University