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Painting in oils, expressive portraiture

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Born and raised in England, creating images based on the shadows cast from his action figures Marlon from a young age presented artistic talent. After migrating to Canada he began painting based on his interest with people, their diversity, heritage and culture. As a black artist he has become increasingly interested in representation of people who share his heritage. In his final series made for OCAD University, Marlon has chosen to question how members of society view each other, with particular attention to marginalised nations. Shades or melanin are at times replaced with colours found in a crayon pack, gestural line drawing, typical of primitive art as well street art, is used to depict society view of “otherness.” Marlon has held small shared and individual shows in Toronto and the Durham area. After putting himself through university, working full time and attending OCAD part time, Marlon seeks to grow his audience and bring more attention to questions surrounding people.
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Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020
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