“To tell stories that have yet to be told and create characters that the audience can see themselves in. To create something that brings warmth and joy to people.”

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Alyssa Solitario is a Toronto based Filipino artist. She studied Drawing and Painting with a specialization in Digital Painting and Expanded Animation. Alyssa focuses on illustration as well as the visual development of live-action and animated films like character design and concept art. Her art practice is driven by storytelling, her Filipino culture, as well as her personal experiences. She mostly works with the digital medium for her illustrations, but also enjoys working with analogue media. Her illustrated children’s book "Shoot" was a yearlong project and her major work to date that encompasses her practice as an artist and a storyteller.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major Completed, 2020

Character Design Concept Art Digital Painting

2018, TwentyTwenty Arts, Life on the Line