Interdisciplinary Graphic Designer

“I theorize with María Lugones' la callejera (the Streetwalker); one who is aware, critical, contestational, reflective, responsible.”

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I am an interdisciplinary designer with an expertise (mostly) in graphic and digital design. I have spent most of my life in Qatar as an expatriate, and I consider my transnational identity as an empowering asset in my work. I have great interest in intersectional feminism, personal game design and zine-making as a creative and alternative storytelling practice. My research interests include seeking understanding to the perspectives of transnational identity within Indonesian and South-east Asian youth culture.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Digital Futures (MA, MDes and MFA)
Major Completed, 2020
Virginia Commonwealth University of the Arts Qatar
Graphic Design (BFA)
Major Completed, 2014

Graphic Design Augmented Reality Zines Personal Games Game Design Game Sketching Visual Branding Storytelling Illustration

2020, cyberhaze
Virtual Exhibition
2019, Digital Futures Open Show
OCAD University
2020, Best Thesis Document
Digital Futures Graduate Program