Environmental Design with a Specification in Interior Design

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I believe that design is an answer to some of our daily struggles, and interior design seemed to be the quickest way to tackle those struggles.It always starts with four walls, that then become a home, office, school, hospital and many other facilities that are needed in our day to day life. I wanted to be the reason someone is excited to enter a space. Due to the recent shift in needs in our society, there are many existing facilities that are not being used for what they were built for, or not being used at all. This would be prime time to create new functions within these facilities that are more needed by the people.In my third year, we were told to pick an area of focus. While I was doing my research the word Eqanimite, which is defined as changing the ambience of a space; creating a more calming environment for the users of the place to help increase productive interaction, and also decrease stress. That word resonated with me, therefore becoming my area of focus.For my thesis project, I choose to focus on office spaces because of the growing need to respond to a variety of people working in the same place, and as mentioned the abandonment of many office buildings that were once corporate use. Redefining what we know as the typical corporate office building.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization
Major Completed, 2021