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Lens Based Arts, Digital Arts

“Boyu Jiang is a lens-based multidisciplinary artist, art director, and fashion photographer based in Toronto. Boyu's works usually focus on politics and issues of self-identity. While working mainly with physical camera, he also creates works with 3D software and AI. ”

Profile Picture
Profile Picture
Boyu Jiang, born in China in 2001, moved to Canada during his teenage years, where he developed a passion for lens based art. He co-founded High-Gain Studio in Vancouver and established 15 Studio during his studies at OCAD U, contributing to the local creative scene. In addition to his artistry, Boyu also works as a commercial photographer and art director.His editorial work has appeared in Rebel Magazine, Mob Journal, and Classics Magazine, and he has collaborated with various brands and platforms to enhance their campaigns. With a modest approach and a commitment to growth, Boyu continues to make his mark in the creative world.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major In progress, 2023

Art Direction Editorial Photography Conceptual Photography Fashion Photography Computer Generated Visuals

2023, GradEx 108
Toronto, ON, Canada
2022, “Change", Wuhan Liang You Redtown International Art Season
Wuhan, China
2022, "Transformations", International Art Collaborations Network