Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Natalie Wesselius

Coping and Hoarding No.3

Oil and oil stick on paperboard
32 x 40 inches
Part of a triptych depicting hoarding through still life's; how the objects we collect come to represent our psychology but also stand in place for us. The bouquet is myself coping whilst the objects overwhelm with insufficiency.

“The mentality of hoarding is complex, usually confused and attempting to cope with trauma. Within this series, I reflect this distorted way of thinking in combination with my own mentality; when painting these memorial spaces I am coincidentally painting my interior. In this case, I combine my experiences growing up within a home of hoarding with new developed understandings and empathies towards the behaviour. ”

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Coping and Hoarding No.3
Coping and Hoarding No.3

Work by

Natalie Wesselius


“Obsessing over our relationships to domestic objects in a dissociating commodified world, I create psycho-active timeless spaces that signify both the presence and absence of the figure. Using...” [More]