Christine Kilfoil

SCP-610: “The Flesh that Hates”

Digital (Photoshop)
SCP-610 is a virus that turns humans into zombie-like creatures made of meat and scar tissue. The virus eventually terraforms the environment, turning everything into an organic hive-mind. The virus is said to have been created by the 'Sarkic God of Flesh,’ which certain people worship in a cult.

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SCP-610: “The Flesh that Hates”
SCP-610: “The Flesh that Hates”

Work by

Christine Kilfoil aka. c.tinfoil

2D Artist & Freelance Illustrator

“'Encyclopædia Securus, Contineo, Protegere' is a scientific encyclopedia that visually depicts anomalous entities derived from The SCP Foundation web forum, blurring the lines between academia and...” [More]