Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Natalie Wesselius

Do Not Sit Here

Oil on paper
20 x 30 inches
Cherries as signifier of the absence of family presence.

“Sour cherries are one of the most cultivated fruit in Poland, having cultural significance to me as my mother is Polish. When I was young, my mom would take me to the farmers market in Hamilton where an old German lady would place cherries around my ears, like they do in Polish magazines. These cherries through repetition become emotionally charged and further their significance to me as an abstracted representation of family relationships and a longing to belong. ”

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Do Not Sit Here
Do Not Sit Here

Work by

Natalie Wesselius


“Obsessing over our relationships to domestic objects in a dissociating commodified world, I create psycho-active timeless spaces that signify both the presence and absence of the figure. Using...” [More]