Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Emily Hwang

The Last Memory

24x36" in Oil Paint

“These works encompass the nostalgia and blurry memories regarding my separation with my family over 2 years ago, when they had to go back to my home country of Taiwan. It was a painful separation because I knew that I would only be able to meet them again after 2 years. As this event draws nearer everyday I am filled with a great sense of joy. However, everytime I recall this vague and blurry memory, I am also filled with the same feelings of sadness that I felt during the initial separation 2 years ago.When I first painted this diptych, I went to the airport to try to find that memory again. At the airport, I witnessed a woman waving goodbye to her family and I was able to really empathize with her. I wanted to capture this moment I witnessed while incorporating my own vague and blurry memory.

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The Last Memory
The Last Memory

Work by

Emily Hwang aka. little_art_space