Christine Kilfoil

SCP-682: “The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile”

Pencil on paper
SCP-682 is a large, reptile-like creature that is constantly growing. It has a hatred for all life, and is extremely dangerous and intelligent. Its containment procedure involves being dissected, tested upon, and submerged in hydrochloric acid until it is incapacitated.

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SCP-682: “The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile”
SCP-682: “The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile”

Work by

Christine Kilfoil aka. c.tinfoil

2D Artist & Freelance Illustrator

“'Encyclopædia Securus, Contineo, Protegere' is a scientific encyclopedia that visually depicts anomalous entities derived from The SCP Foundation web forum, blurring the lines between academia and...” [More]