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Joseph Eiles

A Weathery Journey

A Weathery Journey was created by a group of University of Toronto and OCAD University students as a course project.

“A Weathery Journey is a puzzle-platformer where you play as a wizard named Atlas who has the ability to cast spells that resemble the four main weather elements - sun, wind, rain, and snow. Platform your way across floating islands or deep underground chasms using the power of the wind, overcome obstacles in the environment by freezing a path across large bodies of water, or solve puzzles by summoning the will of the sun or a cloud of rain and make your way across this fantasy themed world in style as you show off your magical moves with a dab!”

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A Weathery Journey
A Weathery Journey
2020, LevelUp 2020

Work by

Joseph Eiles

Programmer/Game Developer

“Joseph Eiles is a Game Developer/Programmer who is interested in creating immersive and story driven games and experiences for users.”