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01 To. Myself / 나에게.

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I created a visual poetry for my song, "To. Myself". The song was written and sung by me, featured by Bonggyu Song and produced by William Lee. I've woven together the song with a series of portraits, each depicting the younger selves of those dear to me. The song is a letter to my younger self, as well as a reflection on the cherished childhood memories of my family and friends. Each portrait was hand-drawn, layer by layer, every line of text handwritten, and artfully animated to create a subtle transitioning effect that enhances the emotional impact of the visuals.*Click on the icon below to check out the original video*

“I restored my childhood memories that were stored on an old digital camera and camcorder. As I watched videos of my younger self, I was struck by how different who I was then and who I am now.I used to be bright, vibrant, and sincere; qualities that I truly looked up to and wanted to embody.Despite receiving an abundance of love and care, I realized that over the years, I had gradually changed and hidden myself away as if the light within me had dimmed.This song is a letter I wrote to my younger self and a message to the people I love. Imagining myself being alongside their younger self, I relived each moment with clarity and vibrancy.I hope to convey the message that “you have always been beautiful, and you will eventually rediscover the essence of who you truly are[lyrics / To. Myself]Oh honey your smile shines like the sunyou look so different from who I am nowIf I could journey to you, I’ll whisper lowOh baby can’t you see how sweet you arewho you are is just enough don’t let the world make you roughlet beauty in your heart reside, just as it is, colourful and brightthough the years may bring you painand test your strength again and againshine on my love don’t you ever dimSleep well my dear, good night, sweet dreams

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01 To. Myself / 나에게
01 To. Myself / 나에게

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