Christine Kilfoil

SCP-1762: “Where the Dragons Went”

Ink on paper, coloured in Photoshop
SCP-1762 is the parallel ‘Fantasy’ dimension that exists inside a small box. In medieval times, people believed in dragons because they actually existed. However, most adults in modern times don’t believe dragons are real. Thus, the dragons have lost their power, and can only manifest as origami.

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SCP-1762: “Where the Dragons Went”
SCP-1762: “Where the Dragons Went”

Work by

Christine Kilfoil aka. c.tinfoil

2D Artist & Freelance Illustrator

“'Encyclopædia Securus, Contineo, Protegere' is a scientific encyclopedia that visually depicts anomalous entities derived from The SCP Foundation web forum, blurring the lines between academia and...” [More]