Sukhraj Billen

Vadhbaagee (Fortunate)

In a world full of multiple possibilities, I am fortunate enough to have been born as a Sikh. My design practice has always been a tool to uplift and empower minorities. I often use my own experience and concepts such as Jugaad (making do with what I have, including time and resources) to help create unique pieces of work.In my first year at OCAD U, I designed and created a mental health kit to help those who struggle. Later, I used this tool to show the world who I am and raise awareness about Sikhi, my faith.The mainstream media has always had its biases, so as a designer, I felt it was important to use my skills to help tell the stories that aren't told as much.This project started with me feeling very lost and simply questioning the idea of what home is. Home for me can be the place I was born in England, the country I live in, Canada, or my ancestral home in Punjab. This led me down multiple paths, and during this year, life threw many curveballs in my path, which made me rethink and decide to focus on the 5 Sanskar’s (the 5 Sikh ceremonies of life). While creating a documentary on the Sanskar’s, you will slowly see the question "What is home?" come to life.

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Sukhraj Billen

Graphic Design

“Stories are the threads that weave together the fabric of our shared human experience. It is our duty to keep them alive, to pass them on, and to ensure that the tapestry of our history and culture...” [More]