Nadiya Svirsky

Echo Over Echo

Aquatint Etching Print on Rag Paper with Linocut Chine Colleé
The images of stairwells and tunnels repeat and echo over each other.

“The beginnings of memories overlapping, morphing into something new. An etching of a stairwell from my childhood overlaid with a linocut print of a tunnel-like passageway in a yard that I have barely any recollection of. These images are used as references and building material for other works in this thesis, most notably the Interstitial Pathmaking paintings.”

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Echo Over Echo
Echo Over Echo
2021, ReBuilding The Memory Site

Work by

Nadiya Svirsky

Printmaking & Painting

“ I visualise episodic memory as an interstitial realm between our physical reality, our experiences and our sense of self. I have come to consider memory as a vast phenomenon that becomes a place,...” [More]