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Daniel Tika

Evil Has Two Eyes

15 years into a city-wide lockdown, caused by the appearance of a mysterious toxic fog, the lives of three men - raised in the isolation of the new world’s suburbia - begin to change as their desire to uncover the truth to their reality drives them out into the fog.

“"Evil Has Two Eyes" is a 20-minute short film I have written, directed and produced. The story is a dystopian drama/thriller that centers on the negative effects of modern tribalism at an individual level. The film explores the aftermath of a world divided—first by a race war, and then by a toxic fog—as tribal forms of collectivism that pre-date the narrative continue to both directly and indirectly turn people against each other out of a blind allegiance to their social group. Ultimately, the film is an allegory for the contemporary socio-political divisions that continue to spread in North America.”

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Daniel Tika

Film production

“The cool thing about film and video is how it lets us share stories and worldviews that feel truthful, but can be told in ways that are beyond reality.”