Christine Kilfoil

SCP-507: "Reluctant Dimension Hopper"

Digital (Procreate)
SCP-507 is a visibly average human male who teleports into parallel dimensions involuntarily. The location and duration is random. Despite this, he is happy to share information about his latest “forced vacations” with the Foundation, and even thinks of himself as a superhero.

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SCP-507: "Reluctant Dimension Hopper"
SCP-507: "Reluctant Dimension Hopper"

Work by

Christine Kilfoil aka. c.tinfoil

2D Artist & Freelance Illustrator

“'Encyclopædia Securus, Contineo, Protegere' is a scientific encyclopedia that visually depicts anomalous entities derived from The SCP Foundation web forum, blurring the lines between academia and...” [More]