Evgenia Mikhaylova

Signal to Noise Ratio or How to Reconcile an Object

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The work explores the idea of meaning as a transmittable form of information that affects our daily interactions with objects, decision-making and experiences of joy.

“When does something make sense? When is a situation becomes clear and understanding transforms into a piece of information that we value as part of the puzzle that connects things together? How do we distinguish significance from the rest of the noise? Upon analyzing my relationship with objects I became curious of what influences those relationships and how am I to reconcile any object I come in contact with?Objects are transmitters of information. Any object or moment in time is judged by the ratio of information to the noise within and around it. To make matters more puzzling the methods of communication seem to affect our decision-making process. Is it easier to distinguish by the means of words or images, or maybe the sound will help to make the signal more clear? The piece explores how different means of communication affect our understanding of the signal to noise ratio and the relationship we have with objects that help shape our belief systems and meaning. The work tries to reconcile objects and a degree of understanding formed by a personal signal to noise ratio that is needed to be achieved in order to find meaning among the noise. After much examination, feeling and listening the answer seems to be somewhere in between the words, floating in the air, teasing with its light-hearted simplicity but escape as soon as the words are chosen for any description.”

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Signal to Noise Ratio or How to Reconcile an Object
Signal to Noise Ratio or How to Reconcile an Object
2021, Video Fever
Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON

Work by

Evgenia Mikhaylova

Interdisciplinary Sculpture/Installation

“In a meaning-seeking journey, the most valuable experience can be the process of sharing it.”