Serkan Ekenel

Reimagining Assistive Devices to Help non-Speaking Children with Cerebral Palsy Communicate

Industrial Design
GLIDE Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Device is a highly personalised multi-activity platform geared to the individual needs and abilities of non-Speaking children with Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism and other moderate to severe physical and mental disabilities.

“The ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and information is essential to the well-being of a child and their family. Many children with CP have challenges communicating with speech and too often it is assumed that a child who does not speak is unable to connect with or understand the world around them. With appropriate materials and focused activities (interventions) the child with CP can become more able to communicate thoughts and feelings and eventually learn how to better process these emotions in a safe and non-stressful environment. One major problem facing families and therapists is that children with CP have unique sets of abilities and challenges which limit their ability to function in general. My aim is to design and create a learning tool that will stimulate eye-hand coordination, improve fine motor skills and enhance communication skills for non-Speaking children, aged 4 to 14, with CP. With this tool I believe that children will participate more actively, act independently and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. As a low cost and simple communication board replacing expensive tablets or confusing picture cards, GLIDE is a more adaptable, child centred communication device that will enhance independent decision making and self-esteem.”

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Serkan Ekenel


“I seek alternative strategies/solutions to improve the lives of those with physical disabilities. In collaboration with health care professionals and educators I aim to create positive learning...” [More]