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Melody Juthamongkol

Beaux Arts: Hang In There

Depletion Gilded Sterling Silver, Russian Amazonite and Sodalite
8.5cm x 8.5cm x 1.7cm
BroochAlthough struggling, this lil fighter is determined to conquer the situation. Let this be an example!

“Similarly to statuary sculpture and bas-relief carvings on pediments, “Hang In There” is designed as a centerpiece. Yet, instead of portraying messages drawn from biblical or mythical origin, this work simply delivers a waggish narrative of a rabbit, hanging in there… The fabrication of the main structure of this piece, the wire bonsai tree, involves manipulating a bundle of 44 strands, 26 gauge sterling wire. Through shaping, twisting, and coiling them, the plant structure transpires. Sodalite and Russian Amazonite cabochons are chosen to accentuate and provide a satirical element to the design as their colour, blue, compliments silver, and is known to have a calming nature, opposed to the rabbit whomst, is in distress but still hanging in there.

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Hang In There
Hang In There
Hang In There
Hang In There
2021, Beaux Arts: A Celebration of the Sculptural form in Metal
Italian Cultural Centre Gallery (ICC), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Melody Juthamongkol aka. merodeii

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