Nadiya Svirsky

Between Here and Then

Watercolour & Ink on Paper
A portal to somewhere else that may or may not remain.

“One of the two tightly representational works of the thesis series, this small and intimate watercolour depicts a series of lined up doorways in the house of my late great-grandmother in rural Ukraine. In depicting this image as representationally as possible, I am trying to freeze the process of decay, both in the physical and mental existence of this site. As a place that I feel slipping away from me each passing year, I grasp onto the doorway of a house I once knew well. Now it is both frozen in time - standing unoccupied and undisturbed by humans, but vulnerable to physical erosion, and to being forgotten.”

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Between Here and Then
Between Here and Then
2021, ReBuilding The Memory Site

Work by

Nadiya Svirsky

Printmaking & Painting

“ I visualise episodic memory as an interstitial realm between our physical reality, our experiences and our sense of self. I have come to consider memory as a vast phenomenon that becomes a place,...” [More]