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Visual and Critical Studies

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Art Criticism, Poetry

“By connecting the German card game Karnöffel to Mikhail Bakhtin’s Carnivalesque, Marisa’s thesis concerned itself with agencies of power both government and religious. With a focus in 15th Century Europe Germany and Italy, Marisa argues that Karnöffel is a direct threat to the Christian Church because it functions as to what she coined as a ‘pocket sized carnival’.”

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Marisa is a Toronto-based writer and poet. Her critical writing practice is concerned with exploring contemporary visual art, honoring both the integrity of the artist and the environment in which the artist created. Her reviews have been published in Arts Help and the Visual and Critical Studies Journal. Her poetry practice seeks to explore vulnerability, intimacy, and connection within innocuous moments. She is part of the poet-for-hire community, composing impromptu poems on the sidewalk for strangers with her typewriter.
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Visual and Critical Studies
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Research, Curating, Creative Writing