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aka. Fiorret(s), INTM-XA

“Self-Portrait ( FAKE ) is my latest work that illustrates my personal experiences and struggles with my identity. Using the concept of ‘faceless portraiture’ as my foundation, the work branches into ways of expressing the creation and difficulty of exploring one’s identity that have been changing and lost over time. The title, Self-Portrait ( FAKE ) alludes to the initial concept of pushing the concept of portraiture without showing the real figure's face, using different ways to illustrate the figure's relationship with their identity through reflections, painted images and projections. The work was completed using programs such as Paint Tool SAI and Adobe After effects, and takes inspiration from artists like Michelle Czajkowski and the artists’ webcomic ‘Ava’s Demon’. The piece also features music accompanying the work created my partner. ”

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Hansel Navarro (he/him ) is a Filipino trans digital artist who works primarily within creating artworks ranging from simple illustrations to character designs to fully digitally painted illustrations, while also dabbling with installation works featuring works and animations. He studied in the Integrated Media program at OCAD University where he focused on character design, illustrations, 2D animations, storyboarding and installation pieces. He creates personal that center around queer individuality, the trans body and identity along side fanworks. Primarily using programs like Paint Tool SAI, he has also been exploring programs like Krita for 2D animation and storyboarding as well as the recent exploration of puppet animation with After Effects. His works like to focus on character design and original character works as his primary focus, curating a style that is semi-realistic and plays around with colour and symbolism. As a freelance artist, Hansel primarily works independently and caters towards commission work.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major In progress, 2022

Paint Tool SAI Krita Digital Drawing Simple 2D animation

2022, GradEX107
OCADu, Toronto
2020, Pathogen error: COMPILING
2018, Water Advisory Exhibition
Loop Gallery, Toronto