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aka. Jura,

“Being fascinated by the mysterious, unexplainable concept of life, death and the afterlife, it provokes daydreaming and imagining an answer to how it could be seen.Visualizing Mortality is a series of illustrations of processing and reaction to one’s mortality, which leads to a change in perspective affecting how we may see our environment, leading to a psychological affect that blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

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An artist/ illustrator based in Toronto ON, CanadaInspired a lot from music and film, many of my personal work consists of daydreams or made-up subjects that are dreamlike. I find joy in my work being open to personal interpretations.Although recent works consists of digital drawings, I very much like to work by hand in acrylic and oil paintings.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2022
2022, Grad Ex 2022
100 McCaul St., 6th Floor