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“This project is a conceptual piece that includes mixed media drawings, painting, and prints, an ad hoc performance, a photo journal, and installation. These pieces describe the paradox that IBPOC artists face when creating political work in a post-colonial space. This body of work controversially excludes elements to highlight questions that IBPOC artists and activists face. Do you believe us? What are we required to contribute? And at what cost? The works ask viewers to question how they relate to a political body sociologically, emotionally, and physically. I am motivated by IBPOC individuals' experience of being culturally deprived, racialized, marginalized, and erased while being at the forefront of artistic innovation, creation, and social and political movements. I look to Highlight the impact these interrelated spaces have on the queer, black, indigenous, and mixed-race psyche.”

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Natia Lemay is a mixed-race Toronto-based artist of Black, French and Mi'kmaq descent. Working as a conceptual artist and figurative painter, she explores decolonization, identity, systemic erasure, and white supremacy by focusing on the sociological impact of capitalism, myth, stereotyping, systemic, socialized, and internalized racism on the BIPOC identity. Through allegorical works, she looks to contribute and encourage social change. ​Natia will be going on to complete her Masters of Painting and Printmaking at Yale School of Art after graduating from OCAD University with a Social Sciences minor. She has participated in masterclasses with Mickalene Thomas, Ebony Haynes, and Manuel Mathieu. Natia has curated over seven shows and completed multiple workshops for curating in digital spaces at OCAD U. Her work has been featured on the Cover of Shanty Grants Novel "The Bridge" 2021, The Royal Society of Canada publication "Beyond the Covid-19 Crisis".
OCAD University
Social Sciences
Minor In progress, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2021

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Curation

2021, I See In Black
Artscape Bayside, Toronto, Ontario
2020, Black Equals
2020, Toronto FAC - Feminist Art Collective
OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
2020, Art in the time of Coronavirus
2020, The Festival of the Body
OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
2020, Double Mirrors
OCAD Anniversary Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2019, TINT - Common Collective Exhibition
Grand Canyon Theatre, Toronto, Ontario
2019, TINT Highlight Show
OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
2018, Look Inside Open House
OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
2018, CPAMO - Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement
Toronto, Ontario
2017, Magnify
Mod Club, Toronto, Ontario
2020, Diversity and Equity Excellence Award
OCAD University