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Animation, Illustration, Film & Video

“Thank You Quezon City! is a looping, single-channel 2D animation that explores what it’s like to grow up in Canada as a second-generation, diasporic, Filipino-Canadian immigrant in honour of my late grandfather, Papa Nic, who passed away in November 2020. Highlighting several memories of daily life, this animation short encapsulates the ups and downs of growing up alongside an aging immigrant grandfather and coming to terms with diaspora and the feeling of loss. From childhood to adulthood, the short follows myself as I go through her life with my grandfather, Papa Nic, ultimately ending with me trying to learn how to move on after losing him.”

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Rochelle Cruz is a Filipino-Canadian artist who primarily works in video and 2D animation. Focusing on her experience as a Filipino-Canadian woman, Cruz highlights mundane, daily activities and memories and brings them to life through her work. Cruz strives to work towards increasing representation for POCs like herself with her practice, in hopes to reach others who can resonate with her stories. Through working against Western standards and finding ways to share her emotions and thoughts through her art, Cruz hopes to continue to make way for more diversity and representation for POC in the art space and find others that can relate to her experiences in some way.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major In progress, 2022

2D Animation Character Design Concept Art Digital Art Film & Video Stopmotion Video Editing

2018, Media Arts
St. Thomas Aquinas SS