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“I am a dynamic and focused Industrial Designer with a background in Fine Art. It is with pride, that I am graduating from OCADU with distinction. I've worked hard in design school, I try to do something "big" and cool every year. Whether it's winning OCAD's only DesignTO Best in Exhibition Herman Miller Award for my work on the show, or being very luckily selected to work in Paris at ENSCI for a week. I am also the lead coordinator for this year's ID GradEx.My previous career was as a hairstylist, which I did for five years in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. I still love style and fashion, and my work was featured in Western Canada Fashion Week. After I moved, my old salon friends would tell me how much my clients missed me. Not only do I have the technical skills of a great designer, I have the soft skills too.Which is why I call myself a "creative goblin". I love the creative process, and if there is a mode of expression or making I can get my hands on, I will do it. This I honed during the pandemic, when "goblinmode" was made Oxford Dictionary's word of the year.”

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Erin MacGregor is a self-proclaimed creative goblin from Edmonton, Alberta. Ever since moving to Toronto, she has been overjoyed to experience all civilization has to offer, including completing a BDES with distinction in Industrial Design at OCADU. Erin is an unorthodox, yet well rounded industrial designer. She crafts everything from: Midcentury Gothic furniture, domino tequila bottles, talking makeup compacts, AI design apps, and vampire stakes.When she isn’t peering over the glowing slab that is her drawing tablet, Erin enjoys collecting vinyl, going for long walks in the rain, brewing mead, and playing video games like Final Fantasy XIV.Penultimately, she dreams of owning a creepy Victorian farmhouse, and a goat named Flip Flop.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2023
University of Alberta
Bachelor of Arts
Major Transferred

Product Design UI/UX Creative Goblin

2022, Design for Health
DesignTO 2022
2021, Materials as Communication
DesignTO 2021
2021, Best in Exhibition Herman Miller Award