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aka. Zoey, Jewellery Designer

“Jewellery can be a therapeutic tool to bring joy and positive emotions.I discovered the idea of therapeutic power in jewellery by making a series of wearable pieces with ceramic and silver as miniature toys to interact with people and help both wearers and viewers feel healed, relieve anxiety, reduce stress, keep calm and forget about unhappiness in their life. The making process of ceramic and designing moveable structures also provides me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as well as promotes positive emotions. Also, the making process was a journey of self-transformation and healing of depression, loss, and trauma for myself.”

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Zoey Jingjing Zhang is a Chinese jewellery designer based in Toronto. She recently graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design University- Material Art and Design Program. She likes to explore different forms and materials, including ceramic, acrylic and other unconventional jewellery materials. She wishes to use her design to bring joy and positive emotion to both wearers and viewers.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2023

Jewellery Design Silversmithing Rhino 3D Modelling Gem setting Drawing and Rendering Ceramic

2023, GradEx 108
Toronto, Canada
2023, CCBC Earring Show
Vancouver, Canada