Faculty of Design


Lixiyue (Melanie)


aka. Melanie Yan, illustration/concept art/sequential art

“Toronto-based emerging illustrator/concept artist who has the same taste in music as a mid-aged dude in a leather jacket.”

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Lixiyue (Melanie)Yan
Profile Picture
Melanie Lixiyue Yan was made and raised in mainland China and came to Toronto when she was an emo high schooler wearing too much eyeliner. She now works as an emerging illustrator/concept artist. She also creates indie comics, contemporary drawing and painting, and other art stuff for fun.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major In progress, 2021

digital illustration, concept art, drawing, mixed media painting, sequential art, motion design, graphic design

2021, GradEx 106
2019, Honorable mention
3x3 Illustration annual.16