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“What is departure? What is the significance of departure within the context of contemporary Black life? What is a home? Many people have a hard time comprehending what home means to them. A deep sense of belonging is what it means to be at home. I wanted for the answers to the questions to lead to a nonlinear and variable conclusion — and that's how this project was born.

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Jennifer Kasiama (she/her) is a contemporary poet/writer in her fourth year of OCAD University. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing Program. The themes that frequent her work are healing, beauty, and aesthetics, with an emphasis on carving out space for Black communities. Jennifer wants to dedicate her practice to uplifting herself and the people around her and hopes she accomplishes that through her work. Jennifer’s poetry was featured in Dreams in Vantablack, a poetry series that is currently streaming on CBC Gem. The project features Black youth poets and artists expressing themselves through words and animation. She was also a participant in the Brickyard Mentorship program as a youth poet in 2021-2022. Her work has also been featured in publications such as NarCity Media and Puritan Magazine. 
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Creative Writing
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Creative Writing
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Goodbye, Home