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“Project name:Purity - The Orchestral Interlude of WayfindingProject description: If you go by your present perception in a world without purity you’ll get all the wrong decisions, so don’t be in a rush to make conclusions. Having one eye on the prize will force you to have only one eye on the process. Pay enough attention to the process and everything will be clear. The vision proposed in this thesis has always been in us humans. We have always been observing and recording facts about everything we interface with and challenge in our everyday life. A well observed present perception of each moment in an environment provides a self-assured capability around the reality which exists around you. Secondary project description: Insight:We begin with the idea of observation and its role in the data space. Observation requires careful attention to the information communicated from the surrounding space. Observation is a data collection method you activate by using your five senses. By activating objects and places through people, people carry their message to these spaces. Humans will provide the opportunity to shape their own experiences from revealing their needs and wants through actions and behaviors. Dataspaces take true meaning from people. This meaning becomes a benefit, the benefit is the wealth of a unique network of relationships where every setting and interaction will produce knowledge and opportunity. Idea:The digital physical self in the context of self-awareness is the conceptual direction of this project. Wayfinding to perceive all languages as one in a non-invasive way through music and advanced visual languages can augment one’s own experience and social capital in a digital or real world three dimensional space. There is no need to force this opportunity, understanding observation at its purest form is key to enabling the dataspace which in return provides the passages needed for wayfinding. Impact:The intention is to map out lifestyle and sensible frameworks for the development of a new system which will allow the user to thrive in a forever growing space. The fast growing digital environment has elevated expectation in regards to accessibility. The proposed culture in all of its forms is forever changing, yet it’s an instrument which can be used by all and a perspective that can be understood by all. The impact is a universal digital language which strives towards gaining satisfaction of one of the core human drives, curiosity.

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Hi, I'm Arvind. An industrial design student from Toronto, Canada. I like to stay in a jovial mood 24/7. I have recently gained an interest in understanding human behaviors and expanding on the possible solutions which unify the human experience in design. My journey at OCADU has taught me to be open to exploring different opportunities and to absorb as much of the information that is given to me. I consider myself as a multi-disciplinary designer who integrates skills needed in service design, UX/UI design, and UX research. Some of my beliefs consists of treating everybody the way you like to be treated and that how something works is as important as how it looks. I love all music. I play the Indian classical drums and usually you’ll catch me listening to some rap/rnb, South Indian melodies, Spanish, or Sinhalese songs. Watching Sports such as Soccer, Cricket, Basketball and playing video games keeps me entertained in my spare time.
Ontario College of art and Design University
Industrial Design
Major In progress, 2022
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major In progress, 2022

Service design UI/UX Design UX research

2022, Arvind Karunananthan
Toronto, Ontario.