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“Hi, I'm Samantha and I make cool things. A very broad and vague statement, I know. But, you wanna know what else is broad? All of the ways I can assert myself into a task, problem, assignment...anything really. Allow me to elaborate, my wide variety of specific skills allow me to easily morph into any situation that needs my attention. I bet you're asking what makes ME different from the rest though? Sure, I've got mad skills but so do a lot of other people–and they're all telling you why they're the best too. So here's what makes me different: My stubbornness. What is usually considered a bad quality to most is truly one of my best assets. My stubbornness drives me to not quit when things get tough, or to keep pushing my ideas until they're the best they can be. THAT is why I'm good. Well, one of the reasons at least. ”

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Living in Toronto for 5 years and working professionally in a sole proprietorship for 8, Samantha is driven and always ready for a challenge. Graduating from OCADU with a BA in Design with a major in Advertising, Samantha loves to write and she heavily focused on developing her copywriting skills in her final years at school. In her professional life, she runs a businesses on her own working 1-1 with private clients to produce a one of a kind custom wearable art piece. Starting her business in 2014, she has developed numerous professional skills over the years from client management, accounting, and marketing. However, despite being settled in a professional working life already, she is continuously looking for new opportunities.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major In progress, 2023

Copywriting Pattern Drafting Package Design Branding