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“What has been dead and buried could return.”

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Bhreagh Campbell
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I'm an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto, Ontario. My work is informed by studies in the magical beliefs of modern witchcraft, a branch of occult theory and ritual. These practices are an inspiration in my work and lifestyle. The occult is not a subject in my work, rather a framework through which I study concepts of identity, loneliness, alienation, and belonging. It’s my belief that modernity creates a gap between ourselves and Earth’s natural cycles. These cycles are essential to understanding our relationship to time and place. My work aims to bridge that gap. These themes are expressed through installation, video, sound, and illustration.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major In progress, 2021

Production Management Video Editing Sound Design

2020, "COMPARTMENT", Short Film
2020, "Drive In Dream Theatre", Single Channel Projection
Ignite Gallery, Toronto, ON
2020, "Totem Apparitions", Photo Installation
1x1 Gallery, Toronto, ON
2017, "Untitled", Mixed Media Collage, Portfolio 2017
Maclaren Art Gallery, Barrie, ON