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“Using patient studies and anecdotes, "Constructed Reality" visually interprets the experience of individuals with neuropsychological conditions as they navigate life, demonstrating the ways in which our brain constructs our perception of reality. Each illustration invites viewers to look at the world from the perspective of those whose lives differ from their own in an attempt to foster openness and empathy. ”

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Madeline Yee is an illustrator with a background in design and science, and a passion for bringing unique stories to life through visuals. Her style is characterized by textured elements that provide a sense of whimsy, and fun yet thoughtful compositions. She strives to communicate complex concepts in a way that is respectful and clear to a broader audience. Her practice is based in both Edmonton and Toronto.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2023
University of Alberta
Major Completed, 2019

Illustration Editorial Animation

2023, GradEx 108
OCAD University
2023, Illustration Shortlist
Communication Arts
2022, Ross Mendes Memorial Scholarship
OCAD University
2022, Student Award
Applied Arts