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“The ability to create experiences and share them with others is what makes us human, and it’s what I’ve spent my whole life doing. I’m a purpose-driven Art Director based in Toronto, and I’m passionate about creating experiences that go beyond the limitations of the page and screen. My work spans communities, cities, and even continents, but my mission has always stayed consistent; To foster creative and intuitive experiences that resonate with people worldwide. Brands can now connect with audiences like never before, and I’m always looking to create content that connects with both clients and consumers on a personal level. I employ effective and unique marketing strategies alongside proficient design skills and out-of-the-box creative thinking. With my experiential education from OCAD, intensive research skills, and desire to immerse myself in global cultures, I have the unique perspective necessary to take your brand’s story and elevate it. To turn ideas into experiences, the strange into the familiar, and your story into everyone’s story. ”

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With experience in a wide variety of fields from Art Direction, to Graphic Design, to Strategic Foresight, I tackle projects from a multitude of angles and can fill many roles on a team. I’m always excited to share the creative process with others in a group, but I’m flexible and able to create quality content as an individual. All good advertisements tell stories. I’d be honoured if I could be a part of yours.
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Major Completed, 2021

Branding Advertising Design