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“The jumping off point for my thesis was honouring the queer lives we’ve lost, those who never got to see their fight reach the rights we have today. I have taken large inspiration from the Stonewall riots and will continue to use it as a source of knowledge and power. My main muse for the theme of my work has been Marsha P. Johnson, her activism has transcended generations and every queer person is indebted to her efforts. In her honour, the main message I have strived to convey within my work is that queer lives matter, and we will not be silent until we are equal. My body of work celebrates the queer experience by showcasing all aspects of how it has impacted my life, I am making myself completely transparent. With this piece, I decided to not hold back, I wanted to proudly stand in the light.”

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André Siqueira is an interdisciplinary artist primarily focusing on textiles, ceramics, illustration, and graphic design. His body of work mainly focuses on themes of the queer identity and its impact on his perception of the world. Through his work, Siqueira has been able to explore ideas of self reflection and healing, using his practice as extension of his experiences. His work is distinguished by the use of self portraiture, materiality, and nuanced tonality. Currently, he is working on branching out of traditional ceramic forms in order to further his thematic exploration of the queer experience.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2022

Surface Design Graphic Design Illustration Sewing

2017, Year End Show
2016, Black and White
Western University