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aka. jfh,

“Jillian Hernandez (jfh) is an artist and photographer of Filipino heritage who is based in Toronto. ”

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Jillian Hernandez (jfh) is a Filipino artist and photographer who is based in Toronto. She is a student at OCAD University. Since 2014, she has been using 35mm film cameras as the main method to capture her work. Since 2017 she uses both film and digital cameras as well as other mediums. Her main focus of work is on self-portraits, portraits of others, scenic, food, product and documentary photography. She is currently working on an ongoing mixed-media series about reclaiming her Filipino heritage. 
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major In progress, 2022

Digital Photography Portrait Photography Film Photography Documentary Photography Food Photography Product Photography

2022, Grad Ex 107
OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario
2021, Engaging Creativities: Art in the Pandemic
Online Exhibition
2020, PathoGEN Error: Compiling 2020
Online Course Exhibition at OCAD U (Covid 19 Responsive Art)
2022, George and Patty Boake Bursary
OCAD University
2021, OCAD U (TSA Summer) Bursary for Full-time Students
OCAD University