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“My goal is to communicate a message in a variety of mediums such as poster design, branding, photography and conceptual work.”

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Hello! I am Sara Ghaben (she/her) and I am an Experimental Graphic Designer, based in Toronto, ON. I am on my way to receiving my BDes in Graphic Design in May 2023. I taught myself everything I know about Graphic Design through trial and error, experimentation, Youtube tutorials and a variety of job experiences. I am inspired by mixed-media approaches and incorporating analogue processes into digital work as well as including some humor into my work. My most recent work is my thesis titled "A Home Built Out Of The Rubble You Made Of Me", which will be present on Grad Ex 108. My thesis explores the concept of home in relation to my Palestinian Heritage and how since the exile of the Palestinian people, in 1948, from their homeland, Palestinians in a diaspora will continue to hold their connection to Palestinian identity close to them, no matter where they end up in the world.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2023

Experimental Design Conceptual Art Poster Design Brand Identity Photography Mixed Media Book Layout Photo/Video Editing

2019, RBC Student Visual Art Award
RBC x Dundas Valley School of Art