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“Hi! My name is Phinny Nguy and I am a Graphic Designer from Toronto! One interesting thing about me is that I have done motivational speaking in the past!”

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Phinny is a Canadian born Graphic Designer who completed their studios with a bachelor's in Design, majoring in Graphic Design. They are skilled in graphic design, illustration, branding and communication design with a strong and aesthetic sense in typography. Phinny strives to create work that is both meaningful and engaging in order to form a connection between the viewer and the piece. Ultimately, delivering the most memorable and unforgettable experience to all users. To do that, they come with the enthusiasm and curiosity of a professional by challenging themself. Designing is something they enjoy doing whether it is a typeface, logo, branding, swag or communication design. Enjoying both analog and digital techniques, they find that using it combined is in fact quite appealing. Working with timeless styles are classic yet flexible when it comes to adding more "personality" to it.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2020

Graphic Design Illustration logo design Costume Design Craftmanship Branding Communication Design UX Design Typography

2020, OCADU 105 GRADEX Online
2019, 1st
Anime Shogatsu Costume Workmanship Contest
2019, 1st - 4th
Anime North: Craftmanship contest
2019, Motivational Speaking
Power Speaking Toastmasters
2016, Leadership Recognition
York Region School board