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aka. doremisolha, Illustration

““Our Pure Expressions (Soon Woori Mal)” is a series of illustrations based on pure Korean words (soon woori mal). Each illustration is based on a pure Korean expression that captures a specific memory or experience of the Korean immigrant family, visually juxtaposing Korean traditional art styles within the Western societal context. This series takes part in the scene of diaspora art with a personal take on the immigrant experience – specifically, a Korean immigrant family in a Western society finding and expressing their identity.”

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Hi! I'm Solha, an Illustrator based in Toronto from South Korea. I enjoy creating illustrations that evoke emotions of nostalgia and serenity. I love using bright colours and am very influenced by Korean traditional folk art (minhwa), clothing (hanbok) and architecture (hanok).
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2023

Illustration Digital Art Visual Development