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aka. L-Fy, Industrial Design & Visual Artist

“When I design, I start by asking myself what do I want this piece to say? What does a certain material say to me? And what kind of space I want to evoke? I frame these questions in a way that allows room for the cultural connotations and visual elements my choice of matter encompasses. This is reflected in the installations, the objects and the spaces I have created. As a designer, I constantly immerse myself in the learning of traditional and modern making processes; which have become key to my practice as a means for analyzing production methods in relation to ways of being and living. Mine is a design with a memory and a vision towards the future.”

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As an ongoing transformation, my work oscillates between industrial design, the visual and the material arts. I use places and bodies as a space to reimagine what we perceive as quotidian. By integrating traditional and modern techniques of production, as well as sustainable media, I create work that immerses viewers in diverse aesthetic worlds, where past and future find common ground. From photographs to product design, what I call ‘my visions’ materialize into artwork that has an identity and a story.
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Minor In progress, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2021

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2015, Interior Design Show
2015, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
Toronto, Canada