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Del Bono

Drawing and Painting

“My body of work analyzes the lifespan of interpersonal relationships. I use paintings to depict the ephemerality of formative moments and accompanying concrete sculpture grounds the concepts in my paintings with physicality and permanence. My work serves as a preservation of core memories, capturing the creation and dissolution of relationships.”

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RachelDel Bono
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My multimedia practice is split into two bodies of work, a series of paintings and corresponding sculptures. Each of the paintings confronts a series of memories in the represented formative relationships; how they began, their lifespan, and the way in which they ended. A compilation of analogue and digital media techniques is used to depict defining moments in broken relationships as well as the implementation of contemporary analogue and digital symbolism to depict the passing of time throughout each event. The paintings act as methodologies to preserve these moments with intricacy with the amount of details they possess. Having every component of the composition represent each person and my ties with them allows me to reconcile all the negative perceptions of these memories as they existed then and now. The paintings also allow me a sense of control over the temporary, bringing an archival approach to the preservation of memory. The corresponding sculptures exist to give a physical form and longevity to the themes presented in the paintings that also relate to these formative relationships. Through the use of moulded concrete, I created true-to-life replicas, the difference being that they are devoid of their colour and spirit due to the medium. Additionally, the weight of the concrete makes these objects heavier than their original counterparts, physically conveying the sense of dead weight from these emotional relationships. Concrete replication removes the fragility of these objects and the memories associated with them. They will outlive me. Concrete will not dissolve, and will not disappear. The sculptures act as symbols to uphold the narrative that the memories have lasting if not perpetual effects, “cementing” the implications of the experienced trauma.
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Drawing and Painting
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Painting Drawing Sculpture oil painting

2022, Twenty-Something
Propeller Gallery, Toronto
2019, 01
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto
2019, White
Arts Etobicoke, Etobicoke
2019, Arts Fundamentals
Gales Gallery,Toronto
2018, Turning Point
Neilson Park Creative Center, Etobicoke