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“I am drawn to the notion that design ideas and decisions can be anchored in research, ultimately informing the design process. In particular, my interests have gravitated towards health design and patient-centred design. I have enjoyed working on projects that aim to improve health outcomes and empower patients through collaborative design.For my thesis year, I decided to delve further into these areas by developing a project that addresses the challenge of increasing health literacy through patient-centered design. I chose to focus on diabetes as a case study because diabetes self-management poses a range of complex challenges, and succesful self-management benefits long-term health outcomes. Given that improved self-management practices can be facilitated by effective patient-centered design solutions, I felt that the choice of diabetes as a focus for my project would enable me to investigate this area closely.I believe that innovative, patient-centered approaches to diabetes self-management can empower patients and significantly improve health literacy.

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Hey, I'm Olivia, a human-centered designer based in Toronto. I have a positive, energetic outlook with an interest in healthcare product and service design. My process starts with curiosity, empathy for the user, and strong research.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2023

patient-centered design design research UX/UI health design interaction design